Who We Are and What We Offer

Strawman Limited ['Strawman™'] is a service company whose sole objective is to provide anonymity to any Company/Firm wishing to oppose a patent.

Strawman™ provides a unique service.

Strawman™ provides instant access to any Company/Firm wishing to use its name as an opponent to a European Patent.

Strawman™ should never be in a position to refuse the use of its name.

Strawman™ can offer the use of its name to any Company/Firm, irrespective of geographical location.

If you wish to use the name of Strawman™ to oppose a patent, currently you will need to use the services of a European Patent Attorney (or any other legal representative entitled to act before the European Patent Office) to contract with Strawman™.

At present, the services of Strawman™ will be confined to European patents and oppositions thereto. In time, the services will be extended worldwide.

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Strawman™ has been set up by a team comprising a UK lawyer and a person with company experience who has already provided a name to front an opposition.

Address:    Orchard Lea
  Horns Lane
  Combe, Witney
  Oxfordshire, OX29 8NH
  United Kingdom
email: admin@Strawman.info